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Walk Out - Exhibition, SIA Gallery, Sheffield

30/11/18 - 15/12/18

'Walk Out' is an exhibition of video, sound, photography, and digital art created by members of the Walking Arts Research Group over the first four years of its existence. Some of the work has been produced on group walks and residentials while other work is a response to the research themes of the group.

Exhibiting artists include: Susannah Gent, Michèle Lazenby, Jeremy Lee, Mark Parkin, Andrew Robinson, Sonya Robinson, Annie Watson, Patrick Witchert, Ron Wright.


The exhibition is open to the public at Sheffield Institute of Art at Persistence Works, Yorkshire Artspace, 21 Brown Street, Sheffield S1 2BS.

EXHIBITION OPENS: Friday 30th November 

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 29th November

EXHIBITION CLOSES: Saturday 15th December


Image by Susannah Gent from '5 Walks'

The Walk Out Manifesto


1. The production of art while walking is optional.

2. The discussion of work, including students, management, the bureaucratic system, assessment, the work environment in the pre-digital era, the effectiveness of meetings, the benefits of feedback forms, good practice and bad habits, is optional.

3. The sharing of personal information, lunch, dry socks, positive and negative outlooks is optional.

4. The acknowledgement that knowledge based occupations, including academic and research practices, require uninterrupted time for productive thought, is positively encouraged.

5. Wider participation including students, administrative staff, and management is encouraged.

6. Partial walks resulting from arriving late or departing early for reasons of childcare, workload, and nihilism are acceptable (independent travel plan required).

7. That trees can act as an antidote to the knowledge that the academic workplace in the digital era consists of a faulty, scaled-up bureaucratic system that values profit over people, may or may not be acknowledged.

8. That inspirational work requires commitment, focus, and an unpressurised environment for creativity to flourish for teacher, researcher, manager, and student may or may not be discussed.

9. The understanding that small changes can make big differences may or may not be shared.

10. Walking can be undertaken in any style or pace. Waiting for slower colleagues is compulsory with the exception of photographers using tripods and digital media producers using scanners, who may be abandoned and met later in the cafe or pub.


Susannah Gent: Rapid Response

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