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Walks - 2018

Grindleford Station to Baslow via Chatsworth, Derbyshire


Sheffield to Meadowhall Circular Canal & River Walk


Starting from the canal basin at Victoria Quays, walk along the tow path until you reach Meadowhall. At this point it is easiest to walk through the shopping centre to pick up the path on the other side to walk back along the River Don. The route follows the Sheffield 5 Weirs Walk and is clearly signposted.

Click HERE to view the canal route on the Sheffield City Council website


Flaine, Haute-Savoie, France

11/07/18 - 15/07/18

A Walking Arts Researh Group residential visit to Flaine in the Grand Massif domain, Haute-Savoie, France. The group stayed at the Dormia Resort at Le Hameau overlooking the ski resort of Flaine. Different walks were undertaken on each of the four walking days by those attending a number of which are documented below.

Col Le Pierre Carree - Combe de Veret - Flaine.


Les Grandes Platières - Col-de-Coloney - Flaine.


La Hameau - L'Arbaron - Flaine.


Flaine - Col de Cou Circular


The Manifesto


During the evenings the group discussed our progress over the last 4 years and considered where we might take the group in the future. It was decided to consolidate our learning and thinking into a Manifesto, to create a website via which to share our practice, and to open the group up to staff from other courses and departments with an aim to make contacts and work collaboratively beyond our department, faculty and university.

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